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Suffix Articles

Chi-X wins right to take on ASX

WHILE the new market supervisor and regulator draws up its integrity rules, the federal government has approved Chi-X as the first market operator to compete against the Australian Securities Exchange monopoly.

A public servant with high principles: give him a medal

It defies credibility that a senior career Treasury official would make statements to a Senate committee, which he knows will have a devastating effect on the Government as well as his own career, unless they are true. It also takes a lot of guts.

Suffice It To Say, The Suffix For The Sufferers Is Elusive

RECENTLY, doing research into workplace bullying, I found myself stymied by the dearth of terms for the principal players. The one doing the bullying is "the bully" but there's no equivalent for the one being bullied. "Target" is a bit too sporty; "whipping boy", too antiquated (and inappropriate for more

Tigers Glad They Stuck With Their 'glue'

EARLY in his National Basketball League career, Stephen Hoare was known to a small but dedicated group of watchers, who added the suffix "best player never to play" when mentioning his name.

The Uk Cup Hope That Got Away

While the win of Makybe Diva in yesterday's Melbourne Cup in one sense repelled the international raiders, the suffix (GB) after her name leaves no one in doubt as to her country of birth - Great Britain.